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Chinese Journal of Tissue Engineering Research (CJTER, originally named as Journal of Clinical Rehabilitative Tissue Engineering Research, CRTER) is a China-based open access, peer-reviewed journal focusing exclusively on the exciting field of tissue engineering research. CJTER has been identified as the First Group of Demonstration units for digital publishing transformation, China's 100 Outstanding Academic Journals, China International Excellent Academic Journal, China’s 100 Top Digital Journals, and China High Impact Medical Journals.

According to the 2020 Journal Citation Reports® of CHINESE SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL PAPERS AND CITATIONS the 2019 Impact Factor (IF) of CJTER has been increased to 0.819.

Aims and Scopes

CJTER publishes papers on the frontier topics of those working on the tissue engineering and its clinical applicants. In 2021, the journal’s unique focus is as follow:

Stem Cell Research: Culture and Transplantation: human mesenchymal stem cells, adult neural stem cells, endogenous stem cells, bone marrow stem cells, adipose stem cells, embryonic stem cells, umbilical cord and umbilical cord blood stem cells, hematopoietic stem cells, and stem cell transplantation;

Biomaterial Research: Selection and Application: bone and cartilage biomaterials, oral biomaterials, cardiovascular biomaterials, nano biomaterials, membrane biomaterials, drug release biomaterials, antibacterial biomaterials, material mechanics and surface modification, material biocompatibility;

Orthopedic Implant Research: Safety and Stability: artificial prostheses, spinal implants, bone implants, digital orthopedics, bone and joint biomechanics, bone and joint imaging, 3D printing of the bone and joint, implant biocompatibility;

Tissue Construction Research: Tissue Regeneration Technology: tissue engineering microenvironment, regenerative factor, gene repair, 3D printing, cell therapy.


CJTER has a strong China-based focus on tissue engineering research and draws attention from academic experts who are dedicated to cell research and cell therapy, biomaterial research and application, orthopedic implant biocompatibility, tissue construction and tissue regeneration technology.


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