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CJTER uses an exclusive licensing agreement. For submission to the journal, the corresponding author of the article must agree to transfer copyright and assign all rights to the submitted article (and any revisions or versions of it) solely to the journal, to print, publish, distribute, and sell the article in all languages and media internationally. The transfer of copyright is deemed ineffect if and when the submitted article is accepted for publication. If the submitted article contains any material already protected by prior copyright, the corresponding author must deliver written permission from the copyright holder for the reproduction of the material in the article to the journal’s editorial office.

The corresponding author must certify and warrant that he/she is the author and proprietor of the article and that he/she has not granted or assigned any of the article’s rights to any other person or body. The author must warrant that the article is copyrightable and that it does not infringe upon any pre-existing copyright, trademark, or patent. The author must warrant that the article does not invade the right of privacy of any person(s) or entity, that it does not include any defamatory contents, and that all statements presented as facts are true or based upon accurate research. The author must warrant that no procedure or treatment described within the article would cause injury, if followed in accordance with the instructions and warnings of the article.

The corresponding author must compensate the journal for any costs, expenses, or damages that the Company may incur as a result of any breach of these warranties. The corresponding author further absolves the journal’s Editor(s)-in-Chief, and the Editorial Board and Team of any legal liability with respect to any and all statements made in the manuscript, including, but not limited to, any intentional or unintentional errors, omissions, copyright issues, or plagiarism. These may be extended to third parties by the journal.

If your article contains material from other copyrighted sources, or if it includes pictures or videos in which a person or other identifying features can be recognized, you must notify the journal’s Editorial Office upon submission.


l   The publisher retains all rights concerning assembling, printing, reproducing, translating, disseminating, exhibiting, publishing, retrieving and indexing part or all ofthe contents of the article.

l   After signing transfer of copyright with the journal, the authors retain the rights.

l   In not-for-profit circumstances, when cited appropriately, the use, dissemination and reproduction of part or all of the contents of the article is permitted.


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